Youth Advisory Council

image1The True Up Youth Advisory Council is a group of current and former foster youth who have come together to support one another and advocate for change in the foster care system.  They come from diverse backgrounds and have varied experiences with the foster care system, but they are all working together to improve their lives and the lives of other foster children.

Together, they are the youth voice of True Up, passionate and motivated to speak up for the needs of current and former foster youth and change the face of foster care in Kentucky.

Joseph B., 19 years old, President of the YAC for 2014

Joseph is a college student, at Jefferson Community College, majoring in Geriatric Nursing. Joseph remains in Care and wants to encourage other foster youth to do the same, so that they will have the chance to learn the skills needed to live independently in today’s society.  Joseph also works voluntarily at his church in whatever areas are needed. 

chelseaChelsea Hoover, President of the YAC from 2012-2014

Chelsea Hoover served as President of the Youth Advisory Council from 2012-2014. Chelsea graduated from Maryhurst. Currently she attends the University of Louisville pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. She testified before the Kentucky State Legislature in 2012 and 2014 for bills that advanced the rights of foster youths. Both bills have made progress. She has transitioned from a youth leader into a professional advocate and educator.


Ty’Misha S., 19 years old, Secretary for the YAC

Ty’Misha is proud to be a student at  Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC).  She is currently employed and wants to encourage youth to recommit to the State, upon their eighteenth birthday, and to stay committed to their goals. 


Eltuan D.,  19 years old, Vice-President of the YAC for 2014

Eltuan describes himself as a remarkable young member of society.  He feels dedicated to displaying professionalism and being a role model for youth.  Eltuan was asked to speak, to several community leaders, at a local fundraising event.  He agreed to do so, and presented a profound message about his past, his recent High School graduation, and his future plans. The words of wisdom, that Eltuan would like to share with others are, “Never settle for being comfortable in your life. When you have accomplished your ultimate goals, it is your responsibility to teach others how to reach their goals.” 



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